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Alice Mansfield (Alice K. Mansfield, LLC)

Alice Mansfield

Aly Knowles (Aslan Home Lending)

Aly Knowles

We Make Home Happen.™ Our goal is simple: To help every family we serve get to “Yes.” Yes to the loan that unlocks the joy of home ownership. Yes to the lending solution that meets every client’s unique needs and wants. That’s why we dedicate our every resource to serve as your personal guide through the lending process, solving problems, ...

Amara Martin (Dress for Success Denver)

Amara Martin

The mission of Dress for Success is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. We inspire confidence, courage and belief in women! ...

Anna Elaamili (Huntington bank)

Anna Elaamili

Bethany Jill Bosworth (Healing Love Incorporated dba Natural Health & Wellness)

Bethany Jill Bosworth



Callie Kron

Callie Kron

Cathy Reilly (Sharing the Shine)

Cathy Reilly

Cathy Reilly is the CEO and Wellness Specialist at Sharing the Shine. She is a keynote speaker, facilitator and advocacy specialist. After two decades of advocating for others in the litigation arena, Cathy realized most people, including herself, lack the faculty to self-advocate. Cathy used her research and fact-finding skills to learn, develop and master ...

Cathy Rossano (West and Main Homes)

Cathy Rossano


Cory Tipton (Healing Potential)

Cory Tipton

At Healing Potential we believe that all physical matter, including our bodies, is a product of various qualities of energy, and that we are a compilation of that energy as well as our biological genetic make-up. In the study of physics, energy gives rise to atomic particles, and through our methods and treatments, we know that atomic particles inform the ...

Dannelle Stratton (Five Rings Financial)

Dannelle Stratton

Hello, my name is Dannelle Stratton. I am an active member of the Colorado Air National Guard and have served for over 25 years. Serving my country has been one of the greatest honors of my life, Just as I have loved serving my country, I feel like it is now time to serve my friends, family, and members of my community. When I was first introduced to Five ...

Dawn Wellott (

Dawn Wellott

Debbie Hall (Mary Kay Cosmetics)

Debbie Hall

I'm a RESOURCE for YOU ~ the BUSY FOCUSED Business woman! I'll provide you with "personalized service" based on your NEEDS and preference ~ backed with 100% satisfaction guanantee! I'll help YOU feel more confident, beautiful and CONNECTED in your own skin! I'll take the "guesswork and experimentation" out of your makeup and skincare needs! You'll NEVER ...

Diane Zing (Trilogy Financial)

Diane Zing


diane kephart (LegalShield/IDShield)

diane kephart

Protecting empowering small business owners from solopreneurs to those with 100s of employees, their families, and employees with affordable access to vetted law firms in 49 states. Who do you know that needs to update their will or have a contract reviewed or drafted? Unlimited legal advice for low monthly fee instead of a high hourly rate. ...

Dianna Williams

Dianna Williams

A year and a half ago I was Diabetic with an A1C of 9.9. I had no energy, wanted to sleep all the time and didn'tfeel good in my own skin. But, thanks to my new healthy lifestyle I have so much to look forward to and being healthy is the happiest place I can be!!! In 4months I lost 40 pounds and just over 25inches WITHOUT working out!! The best thing is, ...

Evelyn Cartagena-Meyer (The Health Benefits Diva)

Evelyn Cartagena-Meyer

Hello, My name is Evelyn Cartagena-Meyer, originally from Puerto Rico, I've found my home here in Colorado! My passion is educating and ensuring everyone understands the health coverage they have. Before becoming a Health Insurance Broker, I never really understood the deductibles, maximum out of pockets, 30% after deductible, why am I getting this bill, ...

Geoffrey Sweezy (Edward Jones)

Geoffrey Sweezy

As a financial advisor we take our time to understand our clients goals and needs. We develop plans custom to each person we work with. Then we partner with you for the long term to help you reach those goals. I am very excited to be a part of the group. I am a fierce advocate for the unique financial planning challenges women face. It stems from my mom ...

Heidi Theis (Benvenuto Travel Design Firm)

Heidi Theis

Heidi custom designs travel experiences for busy successful people, so that, through travel, they can connect with the people and places that mean the most to them. She is an independent affiliate of the Gifted Travel Network (a Virtuoso member agency). If you spell "Love" T-I-M-E and you love to travel, she's your travel gal! ...

Jackie Nairne

Jackie Nairne

I am CBD/Hemp Wellness Advocate partnered with one of the few USDA Certified Organic Farm-to-Family brands. We are both a Direct Sales and Social Retail business model. We are already leading this new market space in quality and innovation with 'first-to-market' proprietary products including the only certified organic water soluble gummies and a ...

Jennifer Winchester (JAF Concessions)

Jennifer Winchester

Jessica Rickert

Jessica Rickert

Jessica Rickert is a life coach and owner of Jessica Rickert Coaching. Having been someone who was frustrated with her life and work situation, she felt like she was in rut with no way out. Using the strategies of gratitude, habit forming, mindset, and goal setting, she was able to create a life where she thrives and now wants to help other women create a ...

Julianne Butler (Dream Vacations)

Julianne Butler

Julianne has been making travel dreams come true for 25 years. Destination Weddings, Hawaii, Cruises, Family Reunions, Adventure, Bucket Lists. Let us get you there safely and with the least amount of stress. ...

Karin Matthews (Skyport)

Karin Matthews

Karleen Wagner

Karleen Wagner

What does Living Your Best Life mean to you? I think everyone deserves to look and feel their best. When you look and feel your best, you can show up as your most authentic self for your clients, your friends and most importantly your family. Learning how to eat properly so that food fuels your body allows you to create energy that lasts all day, helps to ...

Kaufman Alison (Realtor)

Kaufman Alison

People | Knowledge | Resource The things that excite me in life and business are relationships, giving back to my community, and helping people make their dreams a reality. That’s why I love what I do! Buying and selling real estate can be a stressful experience so having the right agent on your side is imperative. I strive to be the best possible ...

Kaz Aylott (ONEHOPE Wine)

Kaz Aylott

Originally from England, my husband Tim and I have found our true home here in Colorado, and I’ve found my passion in a business partnering with ONEHOPE Wine that inspires me and “fills my cup” (or maybe glass!) every single day. You’re buying wine anyway and I love helping you "re-direct" some of your wine-spend for GOOD to charities YOU choose! ...

Kelly Jariwala (EXIT Realty DTC)

Kelly Jariwala

Lee Weisbard (Weisbard Dental)

Lee Weisbard

Creating Amazing Smiles for over 25 Years! Meet Dr. Lee Weisbard, the premier DTC Dentist serving Greenwood Village, Centennial, Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Englewood, Cherry Hills and the greater metro Denver area. Offering Comprehensive General, Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry Services to Denver-Metro ...

Lora Cheadle (Lora Cheadle, Life Choreography)

Lora Cheadle

An attorney, TEDx speaker, and life and leadership coach, Lora Cheadle shows driven professionals how to move beyond soothing the symptoms of burnout and resolve its root cause, which is oftentimes betrayal. Whether that betrayal is from a person, system, changes in one’s body, or the realization that you’ve spent your life in service to a dream that ...

Marcia Pinkstaff

Marcia Pinkstaff

I am your sparkle gal! I am an independent consultant and Director with Touchstone Crystal by Swarovki (the direct sales division owned by Swarovki). I love to help other women...whether it is a piece of bling that makes someone smile, giving away free jewelry or helping someone enrich their life. I also love to share about my breast cancer journey to ...

Marisa Oldefest (Peace Of Mind Pilates)

Marisa Oldefest

Marisa is a Nationaly Certified Pilates Teacher (NCPT) and has been teaching Pilates for 23 years. She is the owner of Peace Of Mind Pilates, a full service Boutique Pilates Studio in Denver. Marisa is also an instructor and studio affiliate with Core Compassion Project, a 501(c)3. CCP provides scholarships for Pilates for breast cancer rehabilitation, ...

Melissa Peda (Pilates Vita)

Melissa Peda

Pilates Plus Cherry Hills is a boutique fitness center with state-of-the-art Pilates equipment offering Pilates reformer classes, jump classes, TRX Suspension and RIP training, Barre, Real Ryder Cycling Classes,and more! The studio offers two large rooms for group classes. Instructors are fun and knowledgeable, motivating clients to reach their highest ...

Melissa Wilson (Ronald R. Wilson and Associates)

Melissa Wilson

U.S. retail lease negotiations and retail consulting. ...

Michelle Wilson (Michelle Wilson International)

Michelle Wilson

Monika Nielsen (Your Style Rehabist)

Monika Nielsen

Sally Reinemer (Juice Plus)

Sally Reinemer

Selma Marold

Selma Marold

Shena White

Shena White

Shena White is a force of nature. She has an innate ability to help others achieve their goals, whether it's in business or personal finance. Shena is a 3-time 7-figure business creator and has helped over 60 women create financial freedom through entrepreneurship. Her mission is to help at least 10,000 women do the same. Shena holds a BA in Medical ...

Sushma Mamindlapalli

Sushma Mamindlapalli

Mindset and Habit Transformation coach, on a mission to empower at least 10,000 people in the next 10 years, to live a meaningful, fun and fulfilled life. You cannot expect new results, while doing the same things. Any change in life begins with your thoughts and becomes permanent with habits. Research has proved, that thoughts are greatly influenced by ...

Tam Hampton (Hampton Creek)

Tam Hampton

Tina Mirzayans (First Citizens Bank)

Tina Mirzayans

I specialize in business banking, I love meeting new people and learning about what they do. I love making connections and building long lasting realtionships. ...

Ursula Marry (Lakeside Insurance Center LLC)

Ursula Marry

Yelena Dent (Hairstylist, Life Coach and Magdalena Energy Practitioner)

Yelena Dent

Yelena was born and grew up in Ukraine. She lived in Israel as well. She has livedin the US since 2005.She speaks Russian and English. Yelena has Bachelor degree in Accounting and Master Degree in Economics. Yelena serves as an owner and hairstylist at Yelena Styles salon. Starting in 2006, she has become an expert in straight and curly hair. For over ...