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Colorado Business Women is a professional organization and Not-For-Profit 501(c)(6) which has been serving Colorado business women for more than 43 years with passion and purpose!

CBW's vision is to be the place where Colorado business women want to connect and do business.

Our mission is to inspire and empower women in business and build connections through an inclusive community that supports and celebrates women.


Our CBW Board Members


Karleen Wagner

Are you Thriving or just Surviving? I believe we all deserve to live a vibrant life; what does that look like to you? If you're living in the past, dreading what will come, or just blindly living from day to day....let's talk. I empower others to take charge of their daily habits and thoughts to create the life they desire, not just the life that was given to them! I also believe that every woman should look and feel their best.
When this happens, you can show up as your best for your clients, family, and friends. Health is created from the inside out. I work with clients to create lifestyle changes in the foods that they eat and the products they use. Knowing what you are putting IN and ON your body is so important in maintaining health and preventing illness. I am also a speaker, podcast guest, and advocate of self-care and the link between Mind, Body, and Skin.
Contact Information
Choosing to Thrive
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Vice President of Memberships 

Jackie Green

Jacqueline Green is a seasoned commercial interior designer, former college instructor, and highly experienced marketing expert who identified a gap in the interior design industry.
After years in architectural firms, she noticed talented designers and architects grappling with various career and business challenges. Each organization had a specific pain point, whether it was lacking software expertise, struggling with marketing, or developing their staff.
Interestingly, Jacqueline spent over 20 years leading and training teams in large corporations and small businesses before attending design school. With a solid background in business and marketing, she realized she had a unique skill set that could help design firms overcome these pain points and fulfill their deep desire to make a difference and assist others.
In 2018, she founded an education and training company called Behind the Design to create a stronger design community. Today, Behind the Design provides interior designers and other creative business owners with the tools needed to build profitable businesses. Through comprehensive education, coaching, marketing, and community offerings, Jacqueline and her team empower designers to reach their full potential.


Behind the Design
[email protected] 

Social Media Chair

& Past President

Cathy Reilly

Cathy Reilly is a Personal Wellness Specialist and Key Note Speaker who is on a mission to educate individuals, families, and small businesses on how to be their first and best advocate. Her programs and workshops stem from real-world experiences, clinically proven science, and historic track records. Cathy focuses on three areas of wellness - Mind, Body, and Environment.
As a result of working with Cathy, clients see increased energy, weight loss, a reduction in sick days, and a reduction in medications. Plus, working with Cathy increases money in the pocketbook. She teaches you how to make small shifts daily, allowing you to BYOA (Be Your Own Advocate).
Check out Cathy's book, Unleash Your Inner Voice. Cathy offers workshops and free personal wellness consultations. What's your wellness goal this year? Cathy can help you achieve it!
Sharing the Shine - Personal Wellness Specialist
[email protected]
[email protected]



Diane Zing

Diane Zing financial planning practice focuses on meeting the needs of multi-generational families and entrepreneurs, with a concentration on the financial complexities surrounding their goals for various stages of life. She uses a comprehensive approach and believes in a realistic assessment of today's complex financial environment. Diane balances her clients goals in order to create strategies that maximize efforts to help preserve and sustain wealth to benefit multiple generations, and various philanthropic passions her clients might have.
Diane Zing is a registered representative for LPL Financial (LPL) and an Investment Advisor Representative (IAR) for Trilogy Capital (TC). Securities offered through LPL, Member FINRA/SIPC. Investment advisory services offered through TC, a Registered Investment Advisor. TC markets advisory services under the name of Trilogy Financial (TF), an affiliated but separate legal entity. TC and TF are separate entities from LPL.
Triology Financial
[email protected]


Vice President of Programs

Marta Spirk

Marta Spirk is a wife, triplet mom, TEDx speaker, author, empowerment coach & marketing strategist. She empowers women entrepreneurs to be seen by standing out on social media, stages, TV and more, so they increase VISIBILITY, CREDIBILITY & PROFIT. She does that with her podcast The Empowered Woman (over 180K downloads), The Empowered Woman: The Ultimate Roadmap to Business Success (book) and The Empowered Woman School membership and workshops.
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Shena White

As the treasurer for CBW, Shena's remarkable journey from corporate sales to entrepreneurship, marked by resilience and transformation, inspires our community. Her experience in turning a struggling concrete construction business from 4% to an impressive 24% profit margin within a year speaks to her financial acumen and determination. With eight years as a cash-focused coach and fractional CFO consultant, Shena is committed to empowering fellow women entrepreneurs, sharing her expertise in finance, taxes, negotiation, and marketing. Recognized as a three-time seven-figure entrepreneur, her dedication extends beyond business success to advocacy for women's causes, family, and a passion for travel and culinary exploration. As our treasurer, Shena is poised to lead our community towards growth, collaboration, and the fulfillment of entrepreneurial dreams.




Vice President of Marketing

Kena Peterson 

Kena Peterson is the proud owner of Bright Ideas Website Design, LLC. Kena has been involved in the graphic design, website development and public relations arenas for various employers and colleagues for over 20 years. As a part of her experience, she has worked with various clients and organizations and enjoys learning more and more with each project. She enjoys working with WordPress and its various plugins, programs, themes, builders, and more.
Kena has enjoyed working with various nonprofit organizations and is proud to have served on the board of the Parker Area Chamber of Commerce and, most currently, the Aurora Cultural Arts District. She is a wife and proud mom to three children. She lives in Parker, Colorado, and enjoys volunteering, exploring the outdoors, sampling craft beers, and participating in her children's extracurricular activities.
Bright Ideas Website Design
[email protected]

Vice President of Outreach

Michele Combs

Michele is a lover of all things messaging and communication. The bottom line success of any business or wellness practice is crystal clear messaging that's concise and captivating to the right people. That's her gift and what she helps her clients achieve.
Using the breakthrough system called Human Design, she shows people how to grow and build an energetically aligned business without the constant stress or the soul-draining hustle.
She fuses modern and ancient systems in a brand new way and has helped hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs create and implement action plans that grow their business with speed and grace.
Human Design Coach and Personal Branding Strategist
[email protected] 


Member at Large

Melissa Wilson

Member at Large /CBW-Greenwood Village Chamber Strategic Partnership
Welcome to CBW! I'm Melissa Wilson, a member of our fabulous organization for 29 years! At Colorado Business Women we support women both professionally and personally.
If you are new to CBW, or returning for our monthly luncheon, you'll discover we are women with passion and purpose! I am happy to share our history, our community outreach with Dress for Success and how we make a difference and how you can make a difference too!
Recently retired as a business owner, I remain active in my community and my neighborhood. Friends and family keep me laughing and enjoying all that Colorado offers. I've happy to have reconnected with my love for travel and adventure! My motto is "do more in '24"!
Please accept my personal invitation to join us for a memorable CBW luncheon or event!
[email protected]


Sponsorship Chair

Lora Cheadle

An attorney, TEDx speaker, life and leadership coach, Lora Cheadle believes that betrayal uncovers the truth of what's possible when we stop focusing on what was done to us and start showing up for ourselves. Instead of soothing the symptoms of burnout, she shows professionals how to identify and resolve its root cause, which is oftentimes betrayal. Whether that betrayal is from a person, system, or something more personal, Lora shows individuals, teams, and groups how to break-free from burnout so they can stay engaged, innovative, and satisfied both at home and at work for the long-haul. 
She is the creator of Life Choreography® burnout-recovery framework and leads Step into Your Moxy® corporate workshops and training that help participants speak up and advocate for themselves, their companies, and the ideas that matter most.  
Lora also works with women who have been betrayed by their intimate partner and want to use their devastation as an invitation to reclaim their identity and self-worth so they can develop the clarity and confidence to build their own happily ever after.  
She is the author of FLAUNT! Drop Your Cover and Reveal Your Smart, Sexy and Spiritual Self, has spoken and trained internationally, and is the host of the top-rated podcast, FLAUNT! Create a Life You Love After Infidelity and Betrayal.  
Download The Top Three Ways Professionals Betray Themselves Every Day and How to Stop at
Life Choreography
[email protected]
[email protected]

We achieve our mission through creating a community of strong women at our lunches, supporting other women through our Charity of Choice programs, and providing opportunities to members and guests for personal and professional development each month.


You can affect change in our community and in the workplace by becoming an active member of this organization.


The objectives of Colorado Business Women are simple, yet very powerful and significant:

  • To elevate the standards of women in professions and businesses;

  • To promote the interest of professional and business women;

  • To bring about a spirit of cooperation among the professional and business women

  • To extend opportunities to professional and business women through education along the lines of industrial, scientific, and vocational activities.


Meeting every month, Colorado Business Women (CBW) has continuing programs that address the needs of working women, whether they are starting a career, making a career change, or planning retirement. In addition to programs held at regular meetings, CBW also participates in several programs held throughout the year for individual development and to honor those within and outside CBW who have contributed significantly to the development, promotion, and support of professional and business women.

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